Senior Software Product Manager

Ankara, Turkey


PaneraTech Inc. is a top US Company in hypergrowth stage

As the Software Product Manager, you bridge the technical and business world as you spearhead our ecosystem loved by our customers. You will be shaping future of the Asset Management. You are a go getter – systematic thinker – blazing fast domain learner – an innovation engine seeing complex problems as opportunity to make a difference.

Our innovative SmartMelter XSight Ecosystem is dissolving many platforms (mobile, tablets, web, desktop), many stakeholders (Engineering Chiefs, Operators, Asset Managers), many Industries (Glass, Steel, Cement as starters) and creating one User Experience to amaze them all.


As a product manager you will be spearheading our newest innovative asset management platform.


The ideal candidate will have participated at all levels of software product management and is driven to deliver rock-solid software with a passion and curiosity for learning the domain.

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